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Infanta 4x4 |Buffeljagsrivier |Western Cape Province |South Africa |6742 |Telephone: +27(0)28 512 3663


Equipped the same as all the other Infanta products, you will have everything you need in a smaller amount of space.


Gear included


  • Fixed double bed with lots of cupboards and storage space on the inside
  • Electronic roof with lots of windows and mosquito nets. Sides insulated with 38mm polystyrene
  • Kitchen area on the outside with 35L fridge/freezer, gas stove and lots of storage space
  • Chemical toilet under bed
  • 19L high pressure geyser with wash-bay
  • 270º awning, sand tracks, solar panels and aluminium table are all extras to choose from
  • Outside shower




  • Total length: 4,00m
  • Width: 1,80m
  • Height: 1,93m
  • Weight: 610kg




Please note: Infanta 4x4 reserves the right to make improvements for the benefit of the user, therefore changes to specifications may occur.